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Amanov Stanislav Faradzhevich, Postgraduate student, Yaroslavl State University (14 Sovetskaya street, Yaroslavl, Russia), 

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Background. The urgency of the work is due to the fact that the revolutionary events of 1905–1907. In the Kostroma Yaroslavl province are considered mainly from the party and political aspects. Such a principle led to the fact that many moments of the revolution, in particular its influence on ordinary everyday life, have not been studied. The archival layers of the sources are not sufficiently developed. Studying the memories of uyezd townsfolk, will help to disclose the causes and consequences of the revolutionary movement in 1905–1907, and also explain its features. However, it should be noted that most of the research is devoted to the inhabitants of provincial towns, the inhabitants of county cities remained outside the attention of researchers. However, according to the apt expression of N. M. Karamzin “Russia is strong in the province”. The purpose of this work is to study the influence of the First Russian Revolution of 1905–1907. To strengthen police control over the life of the townspeople.
Materials and methods. Implementation of research tasks was achieved through the use of documents retrieved from the collections of the State archive of the Russian Federation, the State archive of Yaroslavl region, the State archive of the Kostroma
region. It is worth noting the following group of sources as the local press of the early XX century, namely the newspaper “Kostroma leaf”, “Northern territory”.
Results. In this paper we investigate such aspects as the strengthening of police surveillance over the lives of citizens, the frequent conflicts in the socio-political soil in the city environment, change in culture and mentality of the inhabitants of Kostroma and Yaroslavl provinces.
Conclusions. As a result of the analysis of archival materials and the press, the author comes to the following conclusions. In county cities, there was a controversial situation associated with the strengthening of police control and censorship. On the one hand, after the announcement of the manifesto on improving the state order, in the press of the previously banned materials. However, district police officers and governors, after a positive response from the Interior Ministry to a request for the admissibility of censorship, began to seize the press, conduct “preventive” searches in the homes of citizens, including. 

Key words

everyday life, revolution, city, citizen, police 


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